Elsewhere: Meet the New Boss. Same As the Old Boss?

Roberto Ramirez’s former chief of staff, now a lobbyist, is Spitzer’s choice for secretary of state. Let the finger-wagging begin!

Liz Benjamin, who broke the “Hevesi to resign” story last night, says the comptroller is going to have a very bad day tomorrow.

She also says some Republicans are starting to talk about throwing Joe Bruno overboard.

The Bond Buyer has a breakdown on the Atlantic Yards project’s tax exempt bond financing (sub. req.).

The Times betrayed Brooklyn, says Chris Smith.

More Atlantic Yards reactions here.

Mickey Kaus isolates Obama’s secret vulnerability–he’s just too darn introspective!

Jim Jordan brings his winning karma to Chris Dodd’s presidential campaign.

Evil Lamont bloggers were not to blame for Lieberman’s website crash.

Who’s the pervy congressman?

Who’s the pervy New Yorker writer?

Meet the Nigerian bishop who is destoying the Episcopal church.

Andrew Rice