"Expressions of Dismay" Translate To "Higher Discounts": The Coliseum Fire Sale Continues


Beleaguered Coliseum Books founder George Leibson is urging bummed-out supporters of the bankrupt bookstore to seek immediate retail therapy:

Dear Friends of Coliseum Books,

Our sale continues. In the final approach to December 25th we have increased our minimum discount to 30% OFF for the entire inventory and 40% and more for selected sections and items. There are still some current bestsellers available and many gems to be found in the various sections. Please visit us to complete your holiday shopping list and be sure to tell all your friends and colleagues to do so as well.

Thank you all for your expressions of dismay at our impending closing and of course, for your loyal support.

George S. Leibson
Founding Partner

Naturally, Mr. Leibson would prefer that such loyal supporters actually pay for things–yes, even those embarrassing sex books.

In addition to such discounted bonkbusters, the store is also selling off its vast infrastructure of display cases, wall sections, and track lighting –not to mention the rights to the entire 10,000-square-foot space itself.

No word yet from Keen Realty on the results of today’s auction of Coliseum’s remaining leasehold at 11 West 42nd Street.

– Chris Shott