Giuliani's Money Problem?

Here’s a novel theory:

According to a prominent Republican operative not associated with Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor’s fund-raiser tonight is an indication that he needs cash to keep his testing the waters committee afloat.

It’s a circular but fairly simple piece of logic: Because of the purely exploratory function of the committee Giuliani has set up, none of the money he raises tonight could be applied to a presidential campaign.
(Campaign finance rules dictate that money raised by testing the waters committees can be used to pay for things like staff or tickets for travel, but cannot be used for any sort of messaging, such as political advertisements.)

Therefore, having an event like this at such a late date in the year, before the new fund-raising cycle begins, can only mean that Giuliani — who has been one of the GOP’s top money-raising attractions for a while now — has burned through much of his own Solutions America PAC money and needs more cash, as the fund-raiser put it, “to keep the jets fueled.”

–Jason Horowitz

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