Honeymoon in Positano, Living It Up Like the Glitterati

ERICA: Italy was insanely fantastic … dreamy … delicious …decadent. In truth, we never really considered any other Honeymoon locale, and I’m pretty darn glad we were so short sighted.

We started off our trip in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. This city is just dripping with chic and charm. When you go, bring Jackie O sunglasses, some sexy Prada slip-on walking shoes and the biggest memory chip you can find for your digital camera, because around every corner are some of the most stunning, spectacular views I’ve every laid my peepers on. The beach there looks pretty from afar, but its actually fairly rocky and not so glam. We spent $20 Euros to get ourselves some lounge chairs one day and after about 45 minutes, both of us were bored out of our minds and sick of looking at the parade of women walking by who were wearing bikinis and really should NOT be wearing bikinis. We took day trips to Capri (which believe it or not was even more chic than Positano and Ravello) and really lived it up like the Glitterati.

We then hoofed our way over to Florence. If it’s possible to have a city soulmate, then Florence is the Abbott to my Costello. There is something about this magical city that sucks me in from Go. The history…the architecture…the food…it just all makes me so happy to be there and to be alive. While there, we took an amazing day trip on a wine tasting tour of the Chianti region in Tuscany and I experienced getting drunk by 11am for the first time. We walked all over the city, ate gelato three times a day and just had a seriously fantastic time.

My favorite part of the trip, by far, is how much Greg enjoyed telling everyone that we were newlyweds. The moment anyone ever said anything slightly resembling “where are you from?” or “what brings
you here?” Greg would grab me, throw his arm around my shoulder and proudly say “We JUST got married!” with this big, smirky grin on his face. It was achingly adorable.


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