If There Were an Even More Perfect Dress?

DEMETRIA: Wedding binder in hand, I made my way to my very first bridal salon visit. My bridal consultant’s name was Emily. I immediately felt at ease with her easy smile and honest brown eyes. The first gown Emily had me try on happened to be my favorite dress from the ones I had cut out. Once the oversized binder clips were in place, the size 10 gown magically melded perfectly to my size 0 curves. On that raised white circle under the unforgiving fluorescent lights, I saw myself as a bride for the first time. I heard a gasp and realized it was me. My stomach flipped. I felt like I did the first time someone said I love you to me and meant it. Or like the time my first crush passed me one of those ‘do you like me? yes, no, maybe’ notes in middle school. It was love.

I tried on the six other gowns, but this was it. I put my deposit down, briefly met with the tailor and scheduled a fitting. First bridal salon I went to, first dress I tried on….I fell in love. Some women would probably be uncomfortable with that. What if there was an even more perfect dress out there? But my wedding dress philosophy is very similar to my philosophy on love. I believe we all have several “ones” out there. There are several people who we could potentially spend a very happy forever with, but we can pick just one of those “ones” and live a ridiculously happy fulfilled life. I feel the same way with wedding dresses. I don’t need to try on every dress I would love. I found one of my “ones,” and I’m happy, ecstatic even.