In the Age of 50 Billion Travel Websites

DEMETRIA: Josh and I have looked at every resort in the Caribbean and in Morocco at least 3 times each. In the age of 50 billion on-line travel sites, I don’t think we really need a travel agent. We’re having the wedding in the Dominican Republic, so really we could just stay in the DR for the honeymoon too, but I want to go somewhere else gosh darn it! It’ll probably be in the Caribbean. I’m in love with a couple places I saw in Morocco though, but if we do an African honeymoon, I’d want to take a lot more time off to really hang out and absorb the culture.

The wedding is in June and Josh thinks I’m being obsessive by insisting that we get this honeymoon nailed down. But June is the month for weddings and most of those couples go somewhere for their honeymoon. Just about anywhere in the Caribbean is a honeymoon hot
spot. I know for a fact that there are brides-to-be who have June wedding dates and already have their stuff booked! We have to get on it!