Mayor Gets Laughs for PJs, Brokaw Gets Applause for Congestion Pricing

The Mayor gave out 10 “goals” that he wanted the city to achieve by 2030 at Tuesday morning’s speech in Flushing on sustainability. Many of them were vague (“cleaner, more reliable power”), others manageable (creating 265,000 more units of housing, which would be below the rate at which they are being built today), and still others quite ambitious (reducing global warming emissions by more than 30 percent).

Imagine this man in fuzzy slippers.

Bloomberg got some laughs when he showed slides of himself in plaid PJ’s and blue fuzzy slippers, but it was Tom Brokaw, who was moderating a panel afterward, who got spontaneous applause for introducing the topic of congestion pricing: “Do you think the city may reap some financial rewards by charging fees for driving into the city and charging people more?”

The panelists generally liked the idea (except for labor leader Ed Ott, who warned it could penalize workers whose only hope of affordable housing lay in the Poconos). Bloomberg’s solution to traffic woes, by contrast, was “adding to the capacity of our regional mass transit system.”

For the video, try here. (The pajama slides start around 21:00.) The Web site for the sustainability initiative is here.

Matthew Schuerman