Real Estate Overheard: Brokers Know You Know Manhattan Is an Island

The Real Estate launches a new feature today called Real Estate Overheard. It’s about those tidbits of real estate wit and wisdom you overhear in subways, on buses, at dinner parties, aboard airplanes, etc. If you do overhear anything about New York City real estate that you’d like to share with the world, please email us with all the details – where, when, what, who, etc. Please let us know if you’d like the email to be anonymous.

Overheard on the W train rumbling beneath the West 20s on Thursday evening:

Two men, one in a Jets jacket, struck up a conversation about the NFL team’s playoff prospects. The conversation, then, as it often still does in New York, turned to real estate, and the non-Jets man introduced himself as a broker.

Jets Jacket: CNN said today that home sales are up while prices are down.

Broker: But Manhattan, it’s totally different. [Buyers] know it’s an island, so there’s only so many places you can go.

Jets Jacket: And there’s a lot of people running around with more dollars than sense.

Broker [laughing]: Exactly.

– Tom Acitelli