The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

  • What do “spiraling construction costs, dizzy real-estate prices and an art market that’s gone bonkers” have to do with one another? They’re forcing Manhattan’s museums to make stupid moves. But some city establishments are faring worse than others — i.e., “The Whitney has a credibility problem.” [Bloomberg News]
  • Before Coney Island turns into Reno, New Yorkers should remember that it has a wonderful little history. Hot dogs introdcued (costing a dime) in 1871! Roller coasters in 1884! An elephant-shaped hotel in 1885! Dreamland in 1904! Dreamland “destroyed by fire” in 1911! [Brooklyn Papers]
  • Sagaponack may be New York’s new home for starchitecture. And “Furniture House #5” may be “the best house in the world.” [Apartment Therapy]
  • Meth meth meth meth! In a “posh Murray Hill” high-rise penthouse, a Citibank vice president has been cooking up some speedy amphetamines. That’s a bad idea, if only because it can make very expensive real estate go boom. [NY1]
  • Max Abelson