The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

  • Down in DUMBO and Vinegar Hill, there’s a bunch of “brash adolescents swaggering around a yard of surly and sober old-timers.” Those adolescents are condos, of course, and they’ve “emerged from hardcore puberty growth spurts.” [Gothamist]
  • Scandal! Bribery! Cat-fights! A pair of huge local hotel developers (and ex-partners) John Lam and Sam Chang are “battling over a subcontractor that one claims the other tried to lure away illegally.” Manhattan is the new LA. [The Real Deal]
  • The American Society of Interior Designers has released a five-part series of “sustainable design white papers.” Question #716c: is gold lame recycleable? [I.D.]
  • Today’s pedestrian death in Brooklyn Heights “is not an isolated event,” and, in fact, six people have been killed at Henry and Montague streets since the mid-90s. There’s even a scary homemade map with little statistics/illustrations. [Streetsblog]
  • – Max Abelson