Your Tax Dollars At Work

Azi, who’s liveblogging the day’s events in Albany, called to read aloud a few choice sections of the supporting deposition to Alan Hevesi’s three-page plea agreement. This is the most interesting part, from the investigator on the case’s description of his interview with driver Nicolas Acquafredda:

During the interviews of Mr. Acquafredda he admitted to providing healthcare related transportation services to Mrs. Hevesi. Mr. Acquafredda also advised that he provided services of a personal and a nonsecurity related nature to Mrs. Hevesi. These personal services included picking up dishes from the residence of Mrs. Hevesi’s sister, driving Mrs. Hevesi to shop at Bloomingdales while Acquafredda stayed in the vehicle, picking up items at BJ’s Wholesale Club, picking up, and dropping off items for dry cleaning, and other personal services.

Andrew Rice