Is $22.5 Million A Bargain for 64th-Floor Apartment at Time Warner Center?

 Is $22.5 Million A Bargain for 64th Floor  Apartment at Time Warner Center?

When Manhattan Transfers broke the story about Verna Harrah’s sale at the Time Warner Center, the listing broker said her apartment “sold for close” to the $25 milion price tag.

But according to newly filed city records, the buyer (listed on the deed as the Armstrong Family Trust) got quite a discount. The closing price was $22.5 million–which bought

a nice living room on Central Park, a family room overlooking the Hudson, a foyer of “gold leaf with 17th century columns,” six marble bathrooms and two powder rooms, too.

Don’t fret for Ms. Harrah: she only paid $8,823,018 for the apartment three years ago. (Click above for a bigger picture of the posh domain.)

Max Abelson

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