You Started It

To the Editor:

Ron Rosenbaum’s recent article on Isaac Singer, in which he proposed yet a fourth point of view as to what the “Creator” is actually like, probably comes closest to the mark [“Isaac Bashevis Singer Comes Back From Dead as the Anti-Theist,” Edgy Enthusiast, Jan. 8]. I propose yet another point of view: that of mystery. It’s a mystery as to what reality is and what, if anything, is responsible for this condition we find ourselves in. And maybe the reason it’s a mystery is because it seems to be in our nature to need mystery. All our endeavors seem to be aimed at unraveling various bits of unknowns. Whether it’s finding a new way of putting brush to a canvas, inventing a new sound or a new way of storing information, whatever the field—with religion being one of infinite fields—it’s always the unknown that interests us. So this greatest of all mysteries may never be solved—and it’s probably good that no one can solve this riddle, for then what would we have to live for? I suspect that it is us personally who have brought about the world (and beyond) as we experience it, but we just don’t understand our responsibilities as the creator.

Lyle Grams


What About the Polar Bears?

To the Editor:

It always galls me when the plastic weather people on local news go into their “Aw shucks, isn’t this warm weather wonderful?” routine [“Balmy Weatherpeople Fête Toasty Winter as the World Burns,” Rebecca Dana, NYTV, Dec. 25–Jan. 1].

I’ve written to most of them expressing my amusement at their transparent unconsciousness in the midst of months and months of balmy, miserable humidity and thick, warm air in what was once the fall and winter.

Excuse my cynicism, but the reason they are seemingly unaware of the connection and make believe it’s not happening is that they know that if they even dared hint at global warming, the right-wing assholes in the audience would start screaming that they hate America—and the advertisers wouldn’t like it, either. Bet you that’s why they manage to ignore it.

Ms. Dana is the only writer who has called attention to these idiots and their woeful inattention. Great going, and thanks!

Jay Diamond