Mojitos Flowing at Tropical Paradise Wedding

COLLEEN: Costa Rica. My college friend and bridesmaid Emily was married over a hectic weekend of zip-line canopy tours and monkey-abundant nature walks. In the mountains, jungle vegetation, an unobstructed view of the Pacific. The most gorgeous pool stretched out over a cliff’s edge. Hot sun, rocky beach, a purple, orange and gold sunset. And me, the Maid of Honor in a tea-length, aqua blue halter dress, like a Dreamgirl, clutching several bouquets at a time.

The non-stop excitement and heightened emotions of the planning, the getting ready with the girls, the ceremony itself and the anxious anticipation of my very first m-o-h speech wiped me out by the time the reception rolled around.

Fortunately, the mojitos were plentiful and the delightful Costa Rican beer flowed like wine. After a few of those, us Dreamgirls took the mic to serenade the bride with some old sorority songs.