Neighborhood Got Gays? No? Then You Don’t Want to Live There

corcoran.jpgBarbara Corcoran offers some “whacky” tips on her blog on how to find the next hot neigbhorhood.

The first tip: Find the gays.

The best property leads I’ve ever chased have come from gay waiters or would-be actors serving my meal at a fancy restaurant… I’ve found that actors, gays, and other open-minded types are comfortable being outsiders and consistently gravitate to neighborhoods that are both urban and open to the outsider. What they bring to their new locale is enthusiasm, a great sense of community, innate style and all their friends. They always seem to seek out areas where big space is available and the rents are cheap. They are for many investors the modern day version of wagon train pioneers.

Saddle up, girls! We know because those open-minded and enthusiastic gays are always so living on the cheap and serving your food.

Oh, and Barbara’s second whacky suggestion to find that budding subregion: “Cruise Only at Night.”


– John Koblin