Profiling a Candidate

Yvette Clarke may have played up the female angle in last year’s congressional election, but that was nothing compared to this.

From a piece on Clarke in The Hill:

Clarke isn’t your typical half-lost, conservatively dressed freshman. More runway than House floor, upon arriving at lunch she unwraps a thick, multicolored scarf and removes a long, pretty beige overcoat to reveal an animal-print Gianni Versace suit — a mid-thigh-length skirt accompanied by a short blazer. A beige fur cap covers a sleek new hairdo. “Now that my hair’s so short I can feel the breeze,” she says, explaining that she recently removed her hair weave. She says people in Congress have been doing double-takes at her fur cap. She doesn’t care. She stands tall in black wedged heels.

Now I ask you, if the election had turned out differently, would anyone be writing this way about Chris Owens or David Yassky?

— Azi Paybarah

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