R.W. Apple Socialized With Liberal Dems

R.W. Apple’s 12/5 memorial service at the Kennedy Center, lately rebroadcast on C-Span, was a good look at the social ways of powerful journalists. Apple seems to have socialized—surprise—on the Democratic lib/left. A eulogist, the powerful corporate lobbyist Anne Wexler, who is married to former NEH boss Joseph Duffey, reminisced about meals that Apple would throw together in the ’70s for her husband, who was running on the left in Connecticut, and Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda. Meanwhile, Wexler was working for McGovern. There’s nothing wrong with this; journalists are people too, with predilections. What’s bothersome is the pretense that they are culturally-neutral seers. They tend to be on the center-left and vote Democratic and support abortion rights. You heard it here first.