Shott on Location: Coliseum's Final Days: Anybody Want a Cheap Book? Or 10-Inch Table Saw?



“The line starts behind the rope,” a cashier announced as lunch-hour bargain-seekers bombarded the registers at Midtown’s soon-to-be-shuttered Coliseum Books on Friday afternoon.

Many shelves were already cleaned out, as the bankrupt bookstore’s liquidation sale approached its final day. (The shop closes for good on Sunday.)

But some riveting titles are still available–at huge discounts–including two copies of Jayson Blair’s anti-ethical Burning Down My Master’s House, as well as rapper-cum-author Snoop Dogg’s classic Love Don’t Live Here No More.

Sorry, would-be Candice Bushnells: This reporter snagged the last copy of Will Write For Shoes: How To Write A Chick Lit Novel (um, a gift for said scribe’s beloved wife). Just $12.44 with tax–a substantial savings off the sticker price: $22. 95.

Also still available: Bookshelves. Lots of bookshelves.

There’s also tracklighting, illuminated window signs (perfect for announcing your own Chapter 11 fire sale), and one 10-inch table saw, just $100.

Still no word, though, on the purchaser of Coliseum’s big-ticket item: its existing lease.

– Chris Shott