The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

  • How do starving artists pay for Manhattan rent? With the Artist Help Network, and the city’s affordable housing administration, and non-sketchy Craigslist posts. Or by getting a real job. [Gothamist]
  • The South Bronx is so hot right now–just like it’s been since the dawn of the expression “so hot right now.” [NY Mag]
  • Scandal! Intrigue! Mortgage! “According to several sources,” Preferred Empire CEO Marcia Kaufman “is rumored to have left the company because of a strained relationship with residential brokerage Prudential Douglas Elliman, which owns the mortgage company.” Brokers are used to interpersonal strains, naturally. [Real Deal]
  • Horrifying interior-design obsessiveness has new unofficial headquarters at Michael Mitchell Interior Murals on East 116th Street. Mr. Mitchell paints “custom interior murals,” like the three doozies up above. [Apartment Therapy]
  • Max Abelson