The Afternoon Wrap: Monday


  • Developer Herb Miller listed his Washington, D.C., home last spring for $28 million–the highest asking price in our nation’s fair capital–and now he’s sold the place. Is that as good as the Washingtonians can do? Manhattan can beat $28 million with its left arm tied behind its back. [WSJ]
  • London is entirely another story. In hip neighborhoods like Knightsbridge, 77-square-foot storage rooms are $335,000 apartments. There’s no electricity, which would cost another $59,000–bringing price per square foot to $5,116.88. [AP via Drudge]
  • The opulent real estate fans at Luxist admire the Upper East Side’s Woolworth Mansion [above], on the market with Sotheby’s for $23.45 million. They advise that prospective buyers “look up while eating in the dining room.” [Lux]
  • Staring at photographs of “every ad in Times Square all on one page” proves that even Renzo Piano’s NYT headquarters can’t save the neighborhood from eternal damnation. [Ironic Sans, via Gothamist]
  • Max Abelson