The Afternoon Wrap: Monday


  • This weekend’s Times expose on evil rental agents [above] is a reminder that Manhattan real estate is “akin to the X-Files,” and that brokers may or may not be “soulless beasts who [don’t] deserve any consideration.” [Property Grunt]
  • South Harlem has changed “for good,” but not necessarily for better. Unless you like your “old-school beauty salons” next to your “designer boutiques, and locally produced T-shirts.” [New York]
  • There’s “a gut rehab” on the way for New York’s affordable housing, all thanks to a very big fact-finding survey. [City Limits]
  • Each Manhattan neighborhood will get two of those new-fangled public toilets. Where will the UES pair go? “There isn’t really an appropriate Upper East Side location,” says the local City Councilwoman. That’s because all local bathrooms have to be covered in jewels, or maybe Playbills. [Daily Intelligencer/ N.Y., via Gothamist]
  • Max Abelson