The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

  • Poor Jerry Seinfeld had to learn the hard way that Manhattan brokers don’t broker on the Sabbath. A judge has ruled that he’ll have to pay the normal $100,000 fee (give or take) for his new $3.95 million townhouse on West 82nd Street. Larry David would be proud. [New York Law Journal, via Gawker]
  • Thank god. New York has made it onto Forbes‘ list of Most Expensive Rentals. Our local honors go to the $70,000-per-month Trump International penthouse, where panoramic views do not at all make up for the harsh fact that it would cost $840,000 to live there for one year. [Forbes]
  • Meet a New Yorker named Fitz-Greene Halleck: He has his own statue in Central Park, and he may or may not have been a big fan of Grand Central Station. [L Magazine]
  • As if Costas Kondylis’ 3,854 Trump high-rises weren’t enough (see above), he’s designing the richly-named Platinum at 247 West 46th Street. Sadly, the “crazed fireplace lobby decor” is a deal breaker. [Curbed]
  • Max Abelson