The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

  • The most recent list of The Five Most Expensive Townhouses and Apartments In Manhattan will be out-of-date by tomorrow at dawn, when this week’s Manhattan Transfers reveals the very latest ultra-mega, high-end Fifth Avenue listing. For now, the Pierre Penthouse, Guccione mansion, and three others share all the glory. [Resident]
  • Massachusetts’ 1931 Rachel Raymond house, the first Modernist abode in stately old New England, was torn down in October (despite local and national protest). These are bad days for Bauhaus [see above for proof]. [Architectural Record]
  • Best Overlooked Real Estate News of 2006: In Moscow, doctors often verify that both buyer and seller weren’t sloshed at the time of a deal. Otherwise, according to Jonathan Matrix Miller, “a buyer of a property could be approached a few years later by a seller and claim that they were drunk at the time of the sale and get the property back.” [Matrix]
  • Foreigners now think that “any New Yorker worth their street cred knows the new downtown lies just across the East River.” Williamsburg and Carroll Gardens do not have street cred. But it’s a heroic day for “hipster bars.” [Daily News, via NY mag]
  • Max Abelson