The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday


  • Viva single women! Contemporary bachelorettes “purchase 22 percent of all homes,” whereas their lonely male counterparts “accounted for only 9 percent of purchases.” That’s because ladies are increasingly “confident and financially savvy,” according to the (lady) prez of the National Association of Realtors. [CNN/Money]
  • “Via Verde” won the New Housing New York Legacy Project‘s contest for affordable and sustainable housing. Wonderfully, the condo’s central plaza “spirals upwards as a series of roof gardens before culminating in a sky terrace.” [I.D.]
  • Question of the Day: “Why is it still called the East Village if it has done been accosted by a wave of unapologetic affluence?”. [A Blog Soup]
  • Thanks to money from the U.S. Department of Energy, the Parks Department is building a “hybrid wind, solar and tidal-energy power plant” on Randall’s Island. Underwater turbines for everyone! [East River photo above, via Wired N.Y.] [City Limits]
  • Max Abelson