The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday


  • Williamsburg becomes a multi-millionaire! A condo price record has been set at an un-Mannhattanish $3.8 Million, which means the neighborhood is no longer “an unpretentious, un-yuppified (read affordable) place to live.” McCarren’s Aurora is the perpetrator. [NY Mag]
  • Why is Peter Schein’s 3,200-square-foot loft on the eighth floor of 497 Greenwich Street the coolest apartment in the world? Because his west-facing “curtain wall” [above] has high-tech, automated, sun-sensitive windows–and his front terrace sits over the Hudson River. [Metropolis]
  • The newly-transformed Gramercy Theatre on East 23rd Street, bigger than the Bowery Ballroom, will be hosting the hippest shows in the neighborhood. (The Real Estate officially endorses the British band Clinic.) Now poor old Gramercy can finally be hip. [Brooklyn Vegan]
  • Max Abelson