The Heat Is Off: With Legal Case Pending, Antiques Dealer Calls A Handy Man


After sparking a media frenzy with his “mean-spirited” $1 million lawsuit, antiques dealer Karl Kemp is now exploring other options to keep the homeless away from his Madison Avenue storefront.

According to Wednesday’s Daily News, Mr. Kemp has now cut off the hot air to a steam grate located out front, which seemed to be attracting the less-desirable foot traffic:

The once-toasty grate beneath Kemp’s window – a mainstay for Greenlee and at least three other homeless people named in the lawsuit – had cooled to a near-freezing 38.9 degrees when the Daily News measured it yesterday.

“We put in new insulation, so now instead of all the hot air coming out in front, it goes out in the back,” said a contractor from the East Meadow, L.I.-based construction company KMA Inc., who identified himself only as Kajus.

Funny how Mr. Kemp didn’t think of this before unleashing the lawyers.

– Chris Shott