Another Pop at Hillary

John Edwards was asked at a press conference in midtown Manhattan a few minutes ago about his insistence on apologizing for his vote to authorize the war in Iraq. He used that question to springboard into a response that sounded a lot like a broad criticism of another Democratic candidate who has yet to say she’s sorry.

“I think, actually, when you ask me about the most important personal characteristics of the next President of the United states are, I would say honesty, openness and decency,” said Edwards. “You need to feel like you can trust the President of the United States. There is not a single voter in America who doesn’t understand that their president is human, and their president will sometimes make mistakes. We’ve never had a president who didn’t and we’ll never have one in the future who doesn’t.

“And I think what they want from us is that we continue to tell the truth. They want you to tell the truth when you believe you have made a mistake and they want you to change course when something is not working. We have six years, -plus years now, of a president who has been completely unwilling to do that… So, no, I am proud that I have been honest about my vote and I have been clear about what I think we need to do in Iraq.”

–Jason Horowitz