Attention Tommy Thompson: Brian Fox is still available

Chuck Hagel picked up his first New Jersey endorsement if he decides to seek the 2008 GOP presidential nomination: Dr. Akram Yosri Abdelrahman, a New York University professor and Bergen County businessman who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Congress in 2002. He finished fourth in a field of five candidates, winning 773 votes (2%) after spending $159,930 on his campaign to succeed Marge Roukema. The winner of that race, Scott Garrett, is hosting a visit by Sam Brownback in Bergen County next week. Assemblyman David Russo, who finished second, is said to be leaning toward John McCain, while State Senator Gerald Cardinale, the third place finisher in that primary, is expected to back Rudy Giuliani. Brian Fox, whose $8,812 got him within 108 votes of Yosri, has not yet endorsed a candidate. “I strongly believe that Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska would make a great President,” said Yosri. “His background and record on a number of key issues is unmatched among all other candidates and would be very difficult to defeat by the Democrats regardless of whoever they end up nominating. Senator Hagel is the only Republican who has the ability to swing back the Reagan democrats. As a strong supporter of the Senator in NJ, I hope other fellow Republican New Jerseyans support this man.”