Backtracking on Criticism of Chomsky

I think I was too harsh on Noam Chomsky yesterday. Oh well, I said it. Anyway, here’s Peter Voskamp, editor of the Block Island Times, offering a better picture of the great man:

I saw him a few years ago in Austin and he was up there for what
seemed like hours– a true marathon. He spoke in one theater, and it
was pumped into another sold-out theater on a screen. He had his
sleeves rolled up and kept going and going, a real
inspiration. So I wonder what happened in NY yesterday. Maybe
he’s tired; maybe there was a mix up in communications.

The analogy of his that I always pull out is that of the sports fan:
the common man, as illustrated in the stats-steeped sports fan, can
handle complex issues if they are presented truthfully. He or she can
get involved in the debate equally well-informed, and their takes
have just as much credibility as the so-called experts.

This would certainly be the case in regard to the Iraq situation.
What joys the best and brightest with their endless credentials have
brought to the region.