[em]New York[/em] Magazine to Shake Off Midtown Coil for Hudson Square

The Observer‘s crackerjack media reporter (and former Manhattan Transfers columnist) Michael Calderone this week reported on New York magazine’s likely move from Midtown to (gasp!) Hudson Square.

“Our lease is up in September,” said a New York spokesperson. “So we are exploring a number of different options for a space, including negotiating with our current landlords.”

First on the list: 1 Hudson Square, in far west Soho, just up from the Holland Tunnel. (Note to staff: Is Jersey … back? Wait–was it here the first time? Check archives!)

The Rosetta stone for deciphering Park Slope stroller mommies and Upper East Side Type-A’s would join other media joints that have made a commercial home in the once-struggling Soho slice, including WNYC and CBS Radio; Viacom, too, plans a move to Hudson Square.

– Tom Acitelli