Life Imitates Art: Schumer Visits “Baileys”

Anyone who has read Chuck Schumer’s book, “Positively American: Winning Back the Middle-Class Majority One Family at a Time” — or who has seen him talk about it recently on every talk show you’ve ever heard of — knows by now that the Baileys are the make-believe middle-class Massapequa family who represent the type of voter that the Democrats need to win back.

Earlier this month, Newsday went out and found a family that resembled the fictional Baileys down to an impressively small level of detail.

Well, it’ s going to get very Pirandello at 2:15 this afternoon when, according to his spokesperson, Schumer is planning to stop by their place in Massapequa to discuss the ideas in his book.

Now that’s commitment.

–Jason Horowitz