Smith on Stark, Being in the Zone

Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith just said that his conference is going vote Martha Stark for comptroller.

Here’s a snippet of the exchange Smith had with a radio reporter who asked why they’re backing Stark.

Smith: “It’s a conference decision.”

Reporter: “But why is she more qualified than the other two?”

Smith: “Because Martha Stark is the person we voted for.”

Reporter: “I didn’t ask why, who you voted for. I asked why is she more qualified than the other two?”

Smith: “Did you look at her background?”

Smith wasn’t much clearer when addressing the claim that two Republican senators were ready to switch parties, which would give the Democrats control of the Senate and make him majority leader. Citing the theoretical notion of “Zones of Potential Agreement” he said he learned about at a seminar at Harvard, Smith said that some other members of the legislature were “in the zone.”

He declined to name names.

— Azi Paybarah

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