Spitzer Calls 1199 Ads “Distortive”

So here’s what Eliot Spitzer, sans protruding necktie, just told Gabe Pressman about 1199’s television campaign against his health care spending cuts:

“I’m not really concerned in the sense that a healthy debate about a budget is part and parcel of the legislative and political process. But I’m concerned that people not be mislead by their ads that are fundamentally distortive . Understand Gabe, we need to restructure health care. Our health care system is both the most expensive in the nation and also one of the least effective. If you measure in terms of chronic diseases, if you measure in terms of the number of kids who are obese, if you measure in terms of asthma, if you measure in terms of our failure to provide health insurance, our health care system is not working well.”

— Azi Paybarah