The Afternoon Wrap: Friday

  • Brooklyn Rally of the Weekend: Christine Quinn and “over 1,000 tenants” will protest the impending billion-plus-dollar sale of Starrett City. What do they want? Preservation of affordable housing! When do they want it? This weekend (and, hopefully, beyond). [The Real Deal]
  • The MTA is over a decade behind when it comes to the “State of Good Repair” guideline. Why does that matter? It means two out of five subway lines have signals older than Joan Rivers. Really. [Gothamist]
  • 225 million square miles of “prime” real estate is essentially untouched–and it’s called the ocean. But it might solve all our problems, as long as we “simply surround at-risk cities (like New York) … with off-shore waterworlds anchored to the sea floor.” [CNN/Business 2.0]
  • Or, instead, we can all have our own private islands. The cheap ones cost less than one-bedroom L.E.S. apartments: “A starter island, likely a remote desert-isle fixer-upper, filled with mosquitoes and in need of utilities and a residence, might run about $200,000.” [Forbes]
  • What happens when a parking lot is turned into a fancy Perry Street condo with a fancy facade? “Another definition of elegance possibly transcending that of the high modernist traditions and minimalist aspirations expressed in the adjacent towers and the quaintness and scale of domesticity that the building is situated in.” [Curbed]
  • Max Abelson