The Afternoon Wrap: Friday


  • Seven reasons for Queens’ impending triumph: Long Island City; more bang-for-buck; it’s not Jersey; the “tipping point”; Trader Joe’s; community blogs; and, most importantly, Ugly Betty. [OuterB]
  • Why should NYC ban traffic on Williamsburg’s main stretch? Because hipsters deserve their own esplanade, and because “preserving the small town quality of Williamsburg and allowing for a more vital street life” sounds like a dandy idea. [Carefree Bedford, via Curbed]
  • It’s about 18 months too late to notice that “the cobblestone streets, the deep history, the architecture, and the harbor views” have made Wall Street a hip place to live. But if you like Armani-branded condos, this weekend is full of thrilling financial district open houses. [NY Mag/D.I.]
  • Map of the Day: Where do NYU kids go after freshman year? Invariably, from Washington Square to Alphabet City, from “East” Williamsburg to Yorkville, from the West Village to Westchester. [L Mag]
  • Max Abelson