The Afternoon Wrap: Monday


  • Flip of the Week: Courteney and David Cox Arquette bought their house in 2001 for $10 million, and have now put it on the market for $33,500,000. Apparently, Californians will pay anything for four bedrooms that belonged to two semi-stars. [WSJ]
  • Prospect Park will have a new $25 million skating rink in three years. (By then, Prospect will officially have become the new Central Park–but with better-dressed ice skaters.) [Gowanus Lounge]
  • After reading this morning’s Times profile, Gothamist realizes that despite all his “horribly nondescript” architecture, New Yorkers should heartfully thank Costas Kondylis [above] for making sure Trump hasn’t built a 90-story gold building in Manhattan. (He’s opted for bronze instead.) [Goth]
  • After paying a pretty penny for naming rights to Gehry’s Atlantic Yards stadium, Barclays defends itself against the accusation (printed by Brooklyn Paper among others) that the company had been built on slavery “blood money.” How does the B.P. editor respond? No retraction! [Brooklyn Paper]
  • Can the winner of the Super Bowl be predicted via non-football statistics? Maybe. But the real question is: Can real estate be predicted via non-realty statistics? (Nope.) [Matrix]
  • Max Abelson