The Afternoon Wrap: Monday


  • Following Tom Robbins‘ expose, the state Comptroller will begin an audit into the Empire State Development Corporation. Did Charles Gargano funnel state funds to pay rent for his nephew? That would make him a bad leader–but an excellent uncle. [Real Deal]
  • Why is England such a grander country? Whereas our richest streets have boring names like Park and Fifth, theirs are titled The Vail, Mulberry Walk, and Cottesmore Gardens. Even better, their wealthiest areas have had the lowest property-value increases since 2000, which keeps things balanced. [Mouse Price, via Luxist]
  • Where do Village starlets get their mail? Sarah Jessica Parker, Patti Smith, Famke Janssen and Lucy “Warrior Princess” Lawless all head to MacDougal and Houston, where a chatty old man has his Something Special store. We always knew Sarah was too good for the post office. [Villager]
  • New Yorkers who live in pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods have much lower body mass index levels–but they have shriller complaints about shrinking sidewalks and subway construction. [Medical News Today, via Daily Intelligencer]
  • Max Abelson