The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday


  • Catastrophe in West Soho! Moondance Diner is being wiped away to make room for–here it comes–luxury condos. “There are not going to be any more diners,” says traitorous owner Sunil “Sunny” Sharma (one of the condo’s co-developers). [NY Sun, via Gothamist]
  • Is the newly-renovated $320,000 prewar co-op at 478 West 158th Street the cheapest three-bedroom in Manhattan? The neighborhood could be “a colossal headache,” but 100 grand (and change) per bedroom is a luscious price. [New York/D.I.]
  • Curbed‘s montage [above] of Andre “Mr. Uma” Balazs’ William Beaver House is frightening. And very sexy. And frightening. [Curbed]
  • How much does designing a Park Avenue bachelor pad cost? Single-male homeowners spend $250,000 to $500,000 “customizing their pad,” according to Forbes. On the other hand, Wynton Marsalis’ interior decorator says his client’s ear was so good there was no need for high-end stereos. [F.L.]
  • Max Abelson