The Bruno-Kruger Connection

So why would Republican Majority Leader Joe Bruno appoint Democrat Carl Kruger to head the Social Service Committee? In one sense, it helps firm up Bruno’s majority by maintaining friendly ties to a member of the growing Democratic minority.

But Liz sees more personal influences at play:

Kruger, as you may recall, released a statement in support of Bruno after the majority leader revealed late last year that his outside business interests are the subject of an FBI probe. Kruger said questions about Bruno’s integrity were “appalling and ironic,” given his commitment to “openness and fairness.”

Kruger also has local ties to Bruno: Tom Connolly, vice chairman of the state Independence Party and chair of the Indy Party in Rensselaer County – Bruno’s home base – is on Kruger’s payroll. Connolly is a Bruno ally from way, way back.

— Azi Paybarah

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