What Does A Mansion’s Parlor ‘Labyrinth’ Look Like?

 What Does A Mansions Parlor  Labyrinth Look Like?

This week, Manhattan Transfers profiled Howard Ronson’s newest apartment in the Berwind Mansion, which had been listed for $9,495,000*.

The insane floorplan (click below) draws a glorious picture of the “clandestine mezzanine bedrooms, built for a previous owner by the I.M. Pei Group.”

‘They’re totally camouflaged; you have no idea they’re there,’ [the broker] said. ‘Just like you have no idea that behind a door, there’s a full stainless-steel kitchen, or behind another door, there’s a full onyx powder room.’

…Indeed, mirrors hide the one-person elevator and spiral staircase that lead to those mezzanine bedrooms. Likewise, wood paneling in the rotunda hides the clothes closets.

Thus the floorplan has wonderful phrases like “DRESSING ROOM / ROTUNDA,” and other hidden goods. (The best room, though, is the golden “LIVING ROOM / BALL ROOM.”)

UPDATE: The sale was registered in public records today, and the price was an even $8.5 million.

Max Abelson

 What Does A Mansions Parlor  Labyrinth Look Like?

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