A Pragmatic View on the Gay Morality Dodge

So what’s the fallout from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s delay in answering the straightforward question of whether homosexuality is immoral?

According to this New York Blade editorial, not much.

The paper avoids anything resembling knee-jerk outrage and basically says that the question of morality is a distraction from more practical considerations.

The fact is, we don’t need Clinton or Obama or even the American public to declare homosexuality “moral” in order to get our rights. Would it help? Maybe. But consider this: Is it easier to change your mind about what you consider moral, or is it easier to change your mind about what’s fair and possibly in your best interests? We think it’s the latter and that’s where the candidates are placing their bets too.

Do we condemn Gen. Pace’s comments? Absolutely.


But maybe on this one we should hold hands with the candidates who are headed in the right direction. Instead of trying to convince people that it’s moral to be gay, let’s get our rights first and then watch as people slowly but surely conclude our love isn’t a sin.

— Azi Paybarah