Bigshot Lawyer Filed Resume Online

Tom Shanahan, the newest high-profile addition to Team Spitzer, called yesterday to confirm that he’ll be working for the governor as a deputy commissioner in the Division on Human Rights.

He said his new job would focus on “coordinating public outreach” for the commissioner.

So how did the well-known lawyer and gay rights advocate, get his new gig? According to Shanahan, he simply applied through the transition website, like (almost) everybody else.

“I knew that I wanted a change in what I was doing,” he said, referring to his private legal practice.

“I knew that I wanted a change and I read, I think it was in Newsday, that Governor Spitzer set up a website where he was soliciting resumes from people that were qualified. And I knew a lot of people in the administration but I didn’t want to call on that for any favors, because I wanted it to be about merit. So back in December, I sent my resume in on the website and I checked off that I was interested in a position on human rights. And in early January, when the commissioner started, I got a call from her saying, ‘I love your background and I’d like to meet with you.’ And that’s how I got in touch with her.”


“Yeah, I didn’t believe, to be quiet honest, that this — I thought it was more about P.R. than about substance, this website where you’ll be judged on merit. But it turned out it was true. And that’s how I got in touch with the commissioner and that’s when she offered me this job.”

— Azi Paybarah

Bigshot Lawyer Filed Resume Online