Bill Clinton's Other Weekend Gig

While the coverage of the Clintons this weekend centered around the symbolically crucial visit to Selma, their money machine was busily — and quietly — pumping away close to home.

On Saturday evening, Bill Clinton donned his best-supporting husband hat and headlined a Hillary fund-raiser at the Fifth Avenue home of super market magnate John Catsimatidis. Tickets cost $4600 a person (in other words, it required donors to max out their contributions for both the primary and presidential election), and between 50 and 60 big spenders showed up. Contacted by phone, an unusually reticent Catsimatidis refused to talk specifics, but he did confirm that the event took place and that the food was good.

“Yes, we had the President at my home,” he said. “How did you find out? Nobody found out.”

As for who attended the shoulder-rubbing fest, Mr. Catsimatidis would only say, “We have a broad reach.”

He predicted that he’ll end up raising more than a million dollars for Hillary 08.

— Lizzy Ratner

Bill Clinton's Other Weekend Gig