Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Tester

The state budget will not be late, according to Eliot Spitzer.

Rudy Giuliani sold the investment banking part of his consulting business.

Ben thinks Mike Bloomberg won’t run for president if Barack Obama is the Democratic candidate.

Harry Siegel takes stock of the growing criticism of Mike Bloomberg’s educational plans.

The Albany DA is investigating why the state lobbying commission fired a woman after the group’s director was caught on camera leaving a curling match during work hours.

Bill Hammond looks at the politics of promiscuity.

ReformNY disputes Richard Brodsky’s claim that the state legislature is running well, saying that access to most rank-and-file lawmakers “is all but worthless.”

DL21C is hosting Montana Senator Jon Tester tonight.

Giuliani biographer Wayne Barrett thinks Newsweek’s big Rudy piece was an “application for access.”

And above is a very short clip of Mike Bloomberg veering briefly off-route yesterday’s parade on Staten Island.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Spitzer, Tester