Elsewhere: Hillary, Spitzer

Hillary Clinton spoke privately to a gay political organization today.

Hillary is ahead in Joe Biden’s home state.

Michael Cooper has more details about Eliot Spitzer’s fight over health care spending and notes 1199 consultant Jennifer Cunningham’s response: “We’re not crybabies.”

There’s a small residency question about Eliot Spitzer’s upstate economic czar.

Henry Stern liked Spitzer’s presentation this morning, and thinks Spitzer has the potential for excellence.

The federal government will pay 75 percent of the cost to clean up areas buried in the record-breaking snowstorm.

Rock Hackshaw sort of quit blogging on Room 8, and complains that some people have no blog etiquette.

“It wouldn’t be Philadelphia without one candidate throwing racial slurs at an opponent,” notes Harry Siegel.

And above is Eliot Spitzer explaining how health care money ought to be spent.

— Azi Paybarah

Elsewhere: Hillary, Spitzer