Ignizio Ally Sues, Ron Kuby Cheers

Here’s a political alliance you won’t see every day.

On his Curtis and Kuby radio show this morning, liberal attorney Ron Kuby said the lawsuit filed against City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to force her to swear in Republican Councilman-elect Vinny Ignizio “seems like a meritorious case.”

The lawsuit from outspoken political activist Frank Morano, who works at Kuby’s radio show, claims that residents in Ignizio’s districts are unjustly unrepresented now because of issues surrounding the results of a different City Council election held in Brooklyn on the same day, Feb. 20. (That other election was won by Mathieu Eugene, who has been dealing with a residency issue.)

Kuby, who you can hear over here, explained:

“I think Staten Island would just like to have representation since they’re paying taxes. It would be nice if their elected Council member can actually, and the only reason he’s not being sworn in is because there is a disputed election with respect to a Brooklyn Council person as to his residency. It has nothing to do with Vinny Ignizio. Vinny Ignizio won an overwhelming margin.”

UPDATE: A spokeswoman for Speaker Quinn points to an earlier statement explaining that they’re waiting for the election results to be certified, and that the timetable has nothing to do with that Mathieu Eugene.

Spokeswoman Maria Alvarado said:

“Our hope is that residents of the 51st Council District will have their elected representative in place as soon as possible. We are waiting for the official certification of the election results from the Board of Elections, which we hope to receive in the coming days.

“Our decision to wait on swearing in Council Member-elect Ignizio is due solely to our decision to only swear in new Council Members after the Board of Elections has officially certified the election results.
For any elections in the future, we will not act until every vote is counted and the Board of Elections has officially certified the results and declared a winner. It’s the right action to take in any and all cases.”

— Azi Paybarah

Ignizio Ally Sues, Ron Kuby Cheers