In Hudson, a realignment may be coming

What began as a brush fire could burn down the house. Brian Stack’s successful insurgent bid to oust State Senator Bernard Kenny has the makings of one of those generational changes in Hudson politics. Stack has one of the formidable political operations in the State. It’s not a question of just his candidacy. What’s interesting is what follows. Joe Doria’s decision to retire (average intellect of legislature drops as a result) opens the door of the State Senate to Sandy Cunningham. Former Mayor Harvey Smith now joins the team for the Assembly. Sal Vega has his own insurgency going in West New York against the forces of Albio Sires. It’s quite a coalition. You do the math.

The smartest political mind in Hudson belongs to my old friend Nick Sacco. Nick and the new crowd are one meeting away from realigning the structure of Hudson politics. Everybody claims that it won’t happen. I’ll let you know when it’s done.