Jersey's Loss Is New York's Gain–Sort of

Hah! And you thought it was always New York City that lost out on the corporate-retention duel. This time around, MSNBC is moving 421 jobs from Secaucus, NJ, to Rockefeller Plaza, balking on a deal that was supposed to keep them in the Garden State for another five years.

New Jersey loses about $8 million in foregone sales taxes from the move, according to the watchdog group New Jersey Policy Perspective, and another $9.6 million in grants and equipment that the network won’t give back, according to this article in the Asbury Park Press. Hey, 10 years is long enough, ain’t it?

Now, NBC, capitalizing on the return move as well as on plans to expand staff by 1,600, wants more tax breaks from New York City, according to Good Jobs New York.

Matthew Schuerman