Scores West Smackdown! Liquor Cops Decline 1,250 Lapdances (But Might Reconsider If Club Goes Sober)

SCORES.jpgIn the strip-club biz, throwing money at things is only common courtesy. All too often, government acts the same way.

Why can’t these two sides just get along?

The State Liquor Authority (S.L.A.) on Wednesday rejected a cash offer of $25,000 from embattled Manhattan meat market Scores West–the Post went with “mammary mecca“–to settle all this stupid nonsense about losing its liquor license over a few silly prostitution charges.

(Whew! We were worried the S.L.A. might charge the gentlemen’s club with something serious, like soliciting drinks.)

Instead, the S.L.A. gentlemanly offered a counter proposal:

“Members offered to accept a license revocation, a two year proscription on the premises, a $1,000 bond claim and a $25,000 civil penalty.”

In other words, they’ll take the $25,000 and then some, but only if the club and its patrons stay sober for the next two years. Then maybe, the club can apply to get its booze permit back. (The place is presently still serving drinks, pursuant to a court order temporarily blocking an S.L.A.-ordered suspension.)

What’s $25,000 to Scores? Roughly 1,250 lapdances. Or, about one-tenth of at least one poor sucker’s $241,000 bill.

Or, if these prostitution charges are to be believed, that’s what, a mere 35 to 125 “sexual favors” ($200 to $700 a pop, according to the Post)?

Can Scores West survive on lapdances alone for two whole years? The business still has 13 years left on its lease. Ownership is reportedly mulling the S.L.A.’s counter-offer.

– Chris Shott