The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday


  • The car parking at Soho’s 123 Baxter is “hidden from view and lacks human operators.” (Lasers steer the cars into spots, or something like that.) Better yet, it’s now open to the public instead of the owners of the 24 condo units. [Metropolis]
  • The genius firm Architectural Artifacts is selling off (plus disassembling, shipping, and reassembling) the carved limestone entryway from a Westchester estate. And it only costs $135,000.00! [Luxist]
  • The attractively-named Solid Waste Management Plan (“‘the swamp’ in waste-savvy lingo”) aims to get 25 percent of NYC’s waste out of landfills/trash-burners this year, and 70 percent by 2015. Luckily for us, recylcing is a hoot. [City Limits]
  • An artist (with a lot of time and talent on his hands) drew every fire escape in lovely eastern Soho [above]. Click on all his Web site’s little boxes if you really like the fiery rustication between Broadway, West Broadway, Houston and Canal. [The Fireladders of Soho, via Gothamist]

    Max Abelson

  • The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday